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Easter Eggs in Photoshop and ImageReady

This tutorial will guide you how to trigger hidden Easter eggs in Photoshop and ImageReady. Fun guaranteed. Happy Easter!

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Funny About

Just do the same thing as in Photoshop and you will get this:

Cute Ducks

I really really like this one. I hope you all like those little cute yellow ducks.
  1. go to Help > About ImageReady...
  2. hold CTRL key (notice that cursor changes to stamp)
  3. where you click, you add a cute little duck with reflection! (that was probably from the version where there was water and not just white background like now in CS2 version)
  4. if you want to shoot the duck, hold CTRL and ALT simultaneously, the cursor changes

Duck Board

This one is extremely straightforward:
  1. just go to File > New
  2. make sure the content layer is set to Transparent  (size does not matter)
  3. now type (yes, just type) 'duckerboard' (no apostrophies of course)
  4. look, your transparency grid changed to duck grid!
  5. to disable just type 'duckerboard' again

Thats all folks!

I hope you enjoyed this Easter and especially these Easter eggs, because I do really like them.

If you have any problem, look below, you can post your problem/impression/mood/anything/bla in the discussion.

Thanks for reading.
Your PS geek, Rado.

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johnny c johnnyc AT aol DOT com said on 2009-03-19 18:42:44
why did you blur out your serial number? Your copy of Photoshop is'nt pirated is it? :)

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