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Easter Eggs in Photoshop and ImageReady

This tutorial will guide you how to trigger hidden Easter eggs in Photoshop and ImageReady. Fun guaranteed. Happy Easter!

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first of all - Happy Easter to you all. I hope you have found all of the hidden Easter eggs in your garden, but hoops, aren't you forgetting some? Did you know, that there are lots of Easter eggs even in your version of Photoshop? Yes, there are. So, just to make  sure: what is an Easter egg? It is something hidden in  the program that is funny and unexpected. Can you imagine how complex the program Photoshop is? So when programmers are writing tons of humdrum code, they include some fun stuff - Easter eggs,  just to have some fun.

Note: please, note we are using the newest version of Photoshop and image ready - CS2, but most of the Easter eggs will work for older version (different OS), however, the result might (and it will) be different.

Space Monkey

This one is really easy to trigger:
  1. open Photoshop
  2. hold CTRL + ALT (on the left bottom of your keyboard)
  3. while holding, press left mouse button go to main menu Help > About Photoshop...
  4. look and laugh
Please notice, for each version of PS, there is a different splash.

If you do not want to try it yourselft, look. This is the real one:

This is the Space Monkey one:

Funny credits

  1. go to main menu Help > About Photoshop... (don't do anything special)
  2. wait for a while, until the credits start to roll up
  3. hold ALT key so that they roll up faster
  4. wait, and after app. 10 seconds the credits will become funny (look at the names of the jobs; eg: "The goddess of the tenth floor"; or at the end they will say you are their favourite customer)

Lets continue with other eggs.
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johnny c johnnyc AT aol DOT com said on 2009-03-19 18:42:44
why did you blur out your serial number? Your copy of Photoshop is'nt pirated is it? :)

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