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Learn to use Quick Mask

Quick mask is a phenomenal feature that lets you to create fairly complex and usable selections.

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Use Filter/Blur/Gausian blur. By bluring an image in QM, you make a feather effect in fact. So the result is that the edges of the selection are half-transparent.
 We could also make a selection that none of normal selection making tools would be able to make. Lets try to make a well distorted and a bit feathered selection, shall we?
Start with the rectnagle as usually, use Filter/Distort/Ripple and also Filter/Distort/Glass. Finally Filter/Blur/Gaussian blur.

Now go back to normal mode (press Q) and you have a ready-for-use selection.
 After filling selection with white,
changing fill opacity in Layer/Blending options,
cuing Gradient overlay in Overlay mode
and using Color overlay in Overlay mode with red, I got this:

Part IV. - A little more advanced /making a selection in a selection :) /

Making a selection in a selection?
Well, sure. I mean, we CAN make a selection in Quick Mask mode, which, in fact, is a selection.
Since we are in a more which enables us to use any drawing tools, why shouldnt we also use the selection making tools?
So, open the pic and swich to Quick Mask mode (press Q).
Now, imagine we wish to use some effect, e.g. Hue-Saturation change on the picture, but not in all of its parts, but only in one column in the middle. "Easy, I can make that without Quick Mask." Well, sure you can. But that was not all. Make the column slowly go into transparent pixels, but just in the top part, right?
How would you do that?
If you ask me, I would go for Quick Mask (what a surprise:)) and WHILE in QM, I would use rectangular marquee tool.
I know it looks just like an ordinary selection but we ARE in QM mode. (Make sure so are you:))
Now use Gradient tool to make the column red in the bottom. To make that, the gradient will have to make Black color in the bottom too. Clear?
in Quick Mask:
White = not selected (transparent)
Black = selected (red)
So we should have a nice gradiented column.
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Submitted by Martin on 2006-04-05 18:13:05. Since then read 171649 times.
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Beren said on 2006-04-05 18:17:19
I like when pages keep the size of the pictures to the minimum, but in this case, the compression shouldnt be so tough. Nice things in this one though.

coyito said on 2006-04-12 08:08:15
emm, i read this article because i've seen the button of quick mask mode but didnt knew for what was for, the tutorial is simple , but it gets to the point and shows you what i quick mask mode, and what can be done with it.

g said on 2006-04-12 19:18:28
I dont understand and cant follow it nill poin

Micah said on 2006-04-12 20:07:21
Wow, I am finally beginning to understand masks. Thank you so much!

Evil Genius said on 2006-04-12 22:11:47
Nice man, thanks for the tutorial on quick masks.

newbie said on 2006-04-15 14:09:40
ye i am begginer and i must say that ur text explained me very much THX

elly elly_270684 said on 2006-04-25 04:11:46
thanks, for your tutorial, it really helped me

Mukul boredbeyondbelief AT cooltoad DOT com said on 2006-04-25 07:19:13
I really liked your tutorial. I had never quite grasped how powerful the quick mask tool really was...your illustrations showed me what was possible!

Mr. B. C. Phukan bcphukan AT indiatimes DOT com said on 2006-05-03 12:45:25
Martin ! Just excellent. It has cleared lots of my cnfusions regarding QM and Adjustment Layers. Many thanks.

Mr. B. C. Phukan bcphukan AT indiatimes DOT com said on 2006-05-06 04:58:28
Martin! Masking a small portion of a large canvas through QM and applying your desired Layers styles/Filters/Blend modes is great. I learned a lot from your Tutorial. Thanks again.

John1024mb said on 2006-05-20 16:02:21
Thank you for this tutorial. It has been a learning experience.

photoshop_fan said on 2006-06-01 21:48:24
Your tutorial is VERY NICE. Finally able to understand quick mask and layers. THX!!!

diefroggy242 diefroggy242 AT yahoo DOT com said on 2006-09-06 06:40:46
This tutorial was extremely helpful. i had no idea what QM did and that makes making selections one hell of a lot easier. thanks

Bob bfpmail AT peoplepc DOT com said on 2006-11-20 04:13:22
I must've hit a key somewhere while in quick mask..... The opacity of the selection is almost transparent. I've got the opacity of qm set at 100 for painting the mask....but when I exit qm and copy my selection to another layer...it's transparent..(even though the opacity for the new/copied layer is 100%) I can lasso or marquee a selection and copy that...it works fine. Only in QM am I having the transparency issue. Any thoughts? Thanks, Bob

Martin mato AT t-tutorials DOT com said on 2006-11-24 12:45:24
I willl try to help. So, you swiched into the quick mask, right? You painted with a brush in it and got a selection (marked red&transparent). You leave QM, you get the selection in that moving line (simply normal selection). So, what might be the problem? Perhaps when using the brudh make sure that its opacity and flow is at 100% so that you select the pixels completely. Another thing. Maybe what you ment is that you do use copy 'n paste while in quick mask. Well, I dont thing it will copy something in this mode. You need to ext QM to copu part of the picture you selected. And the last thing, although very unprobable one, when you double click the QM icon in the pallete bar, there you can set the opacity of the red color. Thats all I can think of at the moment.

Azurit said on 2007-01-03 02:35:56
I see your tutorials continue to sport great photos and great results with them. I still don't get the whole schisofrenia thing though.

Deb whitecrow AT onaustralia DOT com DOT au said on 2007-06-03 06:21:13
I am a real beginner and had a coupla questions - in Part 2 where you made the outside of the QM selection purple, and left the QM rectangle as green, how did you do that? Each time I tried I kept losing my selection. I did try to save it and then turn the leaves purple, but then couldn't get the QM squiggle back... Sorry! Probably obvious to all you exprienced PS people!!! Any help gratefully appreciated. And also many thanks for the tutorials!

Mato mato AT t-tutorials DOT com said on 2007-06-03 11:34:30
To answer your question... I am not quite sure I understand what is the problem. Hmm. But to give you some hints on this tutorial, you do not need to save the selection (Select - Save Selection). You only work in Quick Mask (get there by pressing Q) and when you make a selection you want, press Q again and you have normal selection instead of the quick one. If you end up with just the opposite selection than you wanted, just go Select - Inverse selection. If you have more quesries, write me an email and describe them in detail.

Disintegral roadkillroy AT graffiti DOT net said on 2007-10-14 23:36:37
I'm having the same problem. Flow and Opacity are both at 100%. I originally thought that the airbrush might be selected but it isn't. How it works is I got to Quickmask, use the pen on my tablet to draw (it's a lighter pink, indicating a lower capacity, but I can't find a place where the opacity IS lower than 100%). When you exit QM, it selects EVERYTHING, with no negative selection for the Inverse to snag. Of course, when you go back into QM, everything is still intact. Dunno if it's a bug or something in the program or maybe I hit one of those wonderful quick keys I haven't learned yet...

Disintegral roadkillroy AT graffiti DOT net said on 2007-10-14 23:44:29
Don't know how it happened but something knocked it into the tool presets but it wasn't registering it. I selected one of the presets, then changed the settings back to what I wanted and it seems to have corrected the issue...

major said on 2008-05-13 17:36:24
im not to keen on the style but i like the way you explain it if i was going another direction with this you help alot thanks

xzcxzc zipzoner AT gmail DOT com said on 2008-08-12 00:49:00
damn i don't understand coz i can't speak english but i try autodidact with see the picctures and cool that's workzz

jONATHAN said on 2009-09-19 06:24:59
This tutorial helped me understand the use of mask. it really helped

Tanya said on 2009-11-18 16:59:58
Wow, a lot to think about. I like the last few sentences.

xtreme juv_99999 AT yahoo DOT com said on 2010-03-01 08:28:13
thanks... its help meh a lot!

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