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Making tiles

To fill a larger image with smaller pattern can be so easy!

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Making Tiles

1. Roughly all parts of the picture should be of similar lightness
2. Filter/Other/Offset, where you use approximately half the size of the picture (picture 340x34O, here use offset 170x170)
 3. Boundaries are visible in the middle, the aim is to remove them using laso, clone stamp, healing brush, blur tool.
When the first one is done, move to the next one. Try to make the joints look natural.
Is that natural? I am not sure myself, so learn from my mistakes, will you?

One thing to remember, do not interfere with the edges of the picture when retouching.
(You can also copy and paste parts you need from the original picture, in this case arm of the starfish.)

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Hi!!!!!!!!!! Very good jobs might. I appreciate your skills and efforts.

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