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Red tissue

Biological outlook. Various colors to choose from. Really nice.

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Red Tissue

To make a tissue-like structure:
1. Press D to set the colours to black and white
2. Filter/Render/Clouds

3. Filter/Brush strokes/Accented edges (Edge width 5, Edge brightness 46, Smoothness 5)

4. Filter/Sketch/Chrome (I used Detail 6, Smoothness 6)

5. Filter/Artistic/Plastic wrap (15, 9, 7)

6. Edit/Fade, or press Shift+Ctrl+F to show the Fade window and fade last effect a little

7. Image/Adjustments/Levels

8. Image/Adjustments/Gradiet map. Here you can use various settings. Click on the gradient in the Gradient map window and set the first colour Red and the second Black. Do this by clicking on those small thingies on the bottom corners of the gradient. Change the ballance btw. colours by placing the small dot in the middle bottom of the gradient nearer to red.

Or you can do the same with Green (01CB3A) and some Black. Enjoy.


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Submitted by Martin on 2006-03-28 17:05:13. Since then read 40762 times.
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nad nadideas AT gmail DOT com said on 2006-07-19 09:17:11
oh its v simple v easy

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